Our management philosophy? Treat our clients' properties as we do our very own. MORGAN's boutique-like property management creates more value for the investor, and resort-style service customized for residents. The difference is in our philosophy and approach. MORGAN's nearly 50 years of property management experience results in above-average performance, rents, resident and associate retention, and most importantly, greatly increased values of the real estate. We invest in talented people that offer our MORGAN-managed properties the benefits of tenure and experience both in the corporate office and on site.
Time Is Money...Problems Solved In Real Time.
At MORGAN, we understand that time is of the essence. Our lean organization gives us the ability to quickly move information from the source to the decision maker. Rather than spend an inordinate amount of time on redundant reporting, conference calls, and meetings, we focus on the best ways to service our residents, associates, and owners.
A Custom Design...Specialized Strategies designed to Meet your Specific goals.
We have industry professionals in-house with a host of diverse qualifications. Maintaining an experienced team with many diverse skills enables us to provide dynamic solutions for our clients. Our large scope of services supplies many tools which can be utilized to increase the value of our clients' assets.
Private And Customer Focused...Your Business Matters.
At MORGAN, we believe that business is done on a personal level. As a private company, we take pride in the personalized service we provide each one of our clients. Unlike the one size fits all approach found at larger companies, we have the talent to meet the needs of our individual clients and the flexibility to grow along with them.
Innovative... Unique Solutions For Unique Clients.
MORGAN has a reputation in the multifamily industry for being a leader who sets the trends of tomorrow. Our innovative culture is another asset offering a competitive advantage to our clients. It allows us to create the appropriate solution to meet the individual needs of our clients and their assets. We like to think of ourselves as an extension of the owner, and we take pride in our ability to harness their vision, polish it, package it, and perform beyond their expectations.
Tenured Professionals... Industry Leaders And Pioneers Of Change.
Our average tenure well exceeds industry averages. Employee retention is essential for providing continuity of service to our clients, as well as eliminating the large cost of constantly hiring and training new employees. MORGAN's reputation as an excellent place to work attracts top talent who are experts in our markets. As members in multi-family real estate associations both locally and nationally, our associates remain at the forefront of the ever changing market dynamics.
Environmentally Conscious... Conservation Is Our Priority.
We make every effort to instill "green" practices that improve not only the environment, but also the bottom line. In today's environmentally conscious society, a "green" community is an amenity sought after by both potential residents and potential investors. At MORGAN, we want to be part of the solution to the environmental challenges we face today.
Quality of Clients... Not quantity of clients.
We are selective in our decision to secure more clients. The current economic environment has taught us that bigger is not always better. We would rather do an excellent job focusing on fewer properties than a mediocre job managing an enormous portfolio. Our regionals manage on average five properties, which is below the industry norm.
Proactive... Less bureaucracy provides more opportunity.
We are not bogged down by the common inefficiencies found at large corporations such as redundant reporting, unnecessary emails, and layers of approvals. Insistence on procedure creates resistance to change, even when it is in the best interest of the asset. We are driven by results rather than processes. At MORGAN, we would prefer our associates to spend more time focusing on your asset instead of duplicating reports.
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