Excellence From the Ground Up

Morgan has fostered valuable relationships and strategic partnerships for over 60 years and attributes much of its success to its family values and entrepreneurial, team-oriented culture.

Commitment to People.

It all starts with the people! We take pride in building an outstanding team from top to bottom, with an emphasis on putting our customers first and having fun in the workplace.

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What We Do:

  • Development
    Site selection is the most important ingredient in the development business. By combining great locations with the vision of Morgan's experienced...
  • Construction
    Morgan builds its own product allowing it to maintain control of quality, budgets and schedules. We recognize the importance of local market...
  • Acquisitions
    Morgan's acquisition strategy is to acquire well-located multifamily properties that will produce cash flow and provide strong capital appreciation...
  • Management
    Our management philosophy? Treat our clients' properties as we do our very own. MORGAN's boutique-like property management creates more value for...
  • 3 Generations
    Over 60 Years Experience
  • 50 Communities Owned and/or Managed
    14,287 Units
  • $4.5B Worth of Built or Acquired Assets
    Over 75 Assets and 23,000 Units Built and Sold
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The Morgan Promise is a commitment to Excellence.

As a team, it is Morgan's mission to:

• Deliver the best in luxury, convenience, technology, environmental awareness and customer service.

• Responsibly manage our financial resources by fostering valued and trusted relationships with capital partners, adapting to ever-changing market conditions, maintaining a disciplined underwriting approach, and practicing sound accounting principles.

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Our Values

  • People
    We provide employees with the freedom, opportunity, and resources needed for both personal and professional growth.
  • Investors & Partners
    We are committed to exceeding the expectations of investors and strategic partners through dedication, transparency, and focus on results.
  • Quality Service
    Our approach to serving our internal and external customer incorporates the highest standards for excellence and quality.
  • Future
    All our decisions are made with a long-term vision in mind. We are here for the whole marathon, not just for a sprint.
  • Highest Standards
    Commitment to integrity, trust, honesty, ethics, and professionalism are the foundation for all that we do.
Explore Our History
  • Wolf "Yossella" Margulies Born in Poland Morgan's roots date back to 1925 when Wolf 'Yossela' Margulies was born in a small, impoverished village in southeastern Poland called Czerniejow. Yossela was only 14 when the Nazis first invaded Poland in the fall of 1939 to mark the beginning of World War II.
  • Bill Morgan Buys a Diner in Houston After a short stint working at Foley's, Morgan quickly decided he would go into business for himself. He became a serial entrepreneur and first bought Quik Snak, a convenience store that was located downtown on Texas and Caroline. Morgan was successful with Quik Snak and sold it for a profit two years later.
  • Bill Morgan Marries Shirley Grace Fallas Inspired to meet Roy Rogers, Willie saved up $200, purchased a Cadillac, and headed to Texas. He was in Houston when his car broke down and he found work at a department store called Foley's as a salesman. In Houston, he changed his name one final time to William ("Bill") Jacob Morgan. Bill was unable to find Roy Rogers in Houston, but instead he ended up meeting his wife Shirley.
  • Founded Globe Construction and Management Company This was Morgan's first foray into real estate investment. Morgan spent a lot of time studying local developers and in 1959, he founded Globe Construction and Management Company and began his first project, building 3 houses in Northeast Houston. He rented the homes on a weekly basis, would collect rent on the weekends and go back to construction during the week.
  • The Second Generation In 1987, Bill's two oldest sons Mike and Ronnie incorporated Morgan , Inc. (MGI). The two became 50/50 partners with Mike finding sites and handling the development and construction and Ronnie handling property management, personnel, legal and worked with Mike on deal financing. From 1987 to 2010, they grew MGI to become a multi-billion dollar, national real estate company that developed over 15,000 institutional-quality units across 9 states with a total value of $2.5B.
  • Legacy Lives on in MORGAN In March 2011, Mike purchased Ronnie's stock in Morgan, Inc. and rebranded the company Morgan. Today, Morgan has a portfolio value of $1B and has a $350M development pipeline. The work ethic and conservative principles instilled in the company by Bill Morgan remain an integral part of Morgan's DNA and culture.